Stuff We Love: Calphalon 4-Cup Egg Poacher

Caphalon 4-Cup Egg Poacher

It seems everyone from chefs to at-home cooks has a trick for making perfectly poached eggs. But the best-kept secret is . It’s a nonstick godsend to home-bound brunchers across the country, providing a no-mess, simple method to make four poached eggs at the same time—just add water!

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Instead of dealing with or perfecting the egg-drop-into-boiling-water technique, all you have to do is plop those bad boys into a nonstick cup (go ahead and add butter, we promise we won’t tell) place the lid on top, and wait a few minutes. The end result is four evenly poached eggs that you can pass off to your friends as the product of your own prowess. (Just remember to hide the pan afterwards.)

But wait, there’s more! If you aren’t sold on this pan’s poaching abilities, remove the 4-cup top and it then doubles as a deep-walled, all-purpose pan for cooking everything from meat to gravy. We use ours to poach eggs in the morning, sauté kale for lunch, and fry fish for dinner.

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