The average person spends 25 times more than , so it’s important that your job helps you not only afford your healthy lifestyle (here’s to you, beach vacation in the dead of winter!) but also supports your efforts in other ways.

That’s why, for the fifth year, Glamourgirlz is recognizing the Healthiest Companies to Work for in America. This annual list highlights companies of all sizes and industries who are leading the way in offering employees a truly healthy place to earn a living. These companies realize that healthy employees are productive employees, which is why they offer everything from free gym memberships and alternative health insurance to organic cafeterias and unlimited vacation days. (Check out last year’s list—you may find yourself applying for a new job!)

Think your company should be included in this year’s roundup? Tell us why by taking this super-short survey. All submissions must be received by September, 23, 2016. Check back later to see which companies come out on top!

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