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If you're someone who genuinely loves salad, we salute you. For the rest of us, it's not always so easy to pack in those leafy greens. Not only are salads annoying to prep and sad to eat, but they often leave you feeling unsatisfied. And ravenous.

At least that's what we used to think. But then we realized there's a pretty great super-ingredient you can add to salads that keeps you full for the long haul: beans. Beans are full of and —two nutrients known for satiating hunger. They're also rich in and . Plus, they just straight up taste good.

That's why we teamed up with our friends at to find some seriously delicious salads featuring this standout ingredient. From spicy barbecue creations to Mediterranean-inspired plates, here are eight options you'll actually want to eat.

Running out of ways to serve the divisive health food? (We're talking about you, kale.) Try tossing it with lemony beans, Parmesan, and a creamy dressing. The white beans balance out kale's bitterness and make this nutrient-rich meal feel more substantial.

Save this recipe for your next party or backyard barbecue. Crisp vegetables, tangy Italian dressing, and come together for a dish everyone will be raving about for years to come.

Sweet potatoes and black beans might be one of our favorite combos. Not only do they make a nutritious team—sweet potatoes are full of , while black beans contain —but they also pair perfectly with spicy Southwestern flavors, like the ones in this super-tasty salad. Bonus: It's topped with a homemade avocado dressing.

We're giving this sun-dried tomato, pesto, spinach, and garbanzo bean salad two thumbs up for not only tasting like something straight out of an Italian café but also for being so easy to make. Even better: It keeps well in the fridge, a lifesaver when you're short on time.

Consider this an upgrade on your old college go-to. This salad has tons of fresh ingredients, crunchy ramen noodles, and a heaping handful of edamame to keep you satiated. Plus, it takes only 10 minutes to prep, making it a great choice for work lunches and potlucks.

Anytime you can make a salad feel like a three-course meal, you know you're onto something good. This summery masterpiece combines satisfying textures such as crispy chickpeas and creamy Greek yogurt ranch dressing with smoky barbecue flavors to keep you full and happy. Isn't that what life's all about?

For people who assume a vegan meal plan is a revolving door of depressing salads, allow us to offer up this recipe—a giant bowl of veggies, greens, fiber-rich quinoa, protein-packed chickpeas, and a dollop of hummus. Commence happy dance.

Four ingredients and a zingy parsley dressing make this salad a winner, but the real star of the show is mineral-rich fava beans. One cup contains and (upward of 70 percent of your daily requirement). If you're not on the fava bean train yet, you will be.

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