Toasted bread rubbed down with garlic, topped with chopped tomatoes and basil, maybe a little mozzarella cheese. I ask you: What could be better than bruschetta? (Nothing, that’s what.) No appetizer is going to be as easy to make—nor as stunning to look at. From classic to funky, and from sweet to savory, these seven bruschetta recipes will improve any meal.

bruschetta: classic

This classic bruschetta is the reason classic bruschetta is so good. It’s as easy as tomatoes, garlic, basil, and bread. Need we say more?

bruschetta: mushroom

Cover your toasted bread with mushrooms, thyme, and balsamic for a delightful French twist on bruschetta.

If you’re going to make a dinner out of bruschetta, (and let’s be real, why wouldn’t you?) add some veg and cheese to that bread—this time, try creamy goat cheese and tender beets.

This ricotta-spread bruschetta is the answer to how to get creative with all those grapes in the fridge. Roast the fruit with olive oil and thyme, then drop over the creamy cheesy and crunchy grilled bread.

If you’ve invited your gluten-free friend over for dinner, try this spin on bruschetta: Pile sliced sweet potato with the classic tomato and basil topping.

Celebrate warm weather with this vibrant bruschetta. Smear a spicy, lemon-kissed pea mixture over toasted bread, then top with sliced avocado and radishes.

Instead of making another cake, serve these strawberry bruschetta for dessert: Whipped honey goat cheese and sticky-sweet balsamic reduction look gourmet, but really couldn’t be simpler.