At some point in the long history of… well, eating... it was determined that eggs would primarily be a breakfast food. And we’re not complaining—after all, we did get frittatas and French toast out of that decision.

But considering that eggs are amazing sources of protein and vitamins—not to mention incredibly versatile for cooking—it seems almost wrong to limit our consumption to morning meals.

So we’re scrambling things up a bit with egg recipes for dinner. While you don’t have to give up your beloved Benedicts, don’t miss out on these 19 ways to enjoy the incredible edible at dinnertime.

Photo: Umami Girl

If 8 a.m. is too early for cumin, put this North African-inspired recipe on your dinner menu instead. With a tomato sauce that’s rich with paprika and feta cheese, it easily beats out eggs Benedict as the best way to eat poached eggs.

Photo: Turnip the Oven

While this recipe gets its name from sautéed spinach, these aren’t your usual eggs Florentine. A yogurt-based Hollandaise sauce makes them much healthier, and instead of English muffins, the base is a bowl of fiber-rich barley, which makes the dish much heartier.

Photo: Half Baked Harvest

Anyone who likes breakfast for dinner will appreciate how easy, healthy, and satisfying an omelet in the evening can be. This one turns the volume up several notches by adding quinoa, feta, and tons of Mediterranean veggies to make certain you don’t go to bed hungry.

Photo: The Healthy Hunter

Baked eggs normally come in some sort of tomato base, but this dish has no time for normal. Opting for the eggs to simmer in a creamy cauliflower and Parmesan sauce, with chickpeas for extra protein, the recipe is out of this "typical dinner" world.

Photo: Cooking and Beer

Breakfast tacos are a thing nowadays, but this blogger created these egg-stuffed tortillas specifically for dinner. With cotija cheese and black beans, they’re a fun and flavorful way to get in lots of quality vegetarian protein.

Photo: Hungry Hobby

Although the typical egg-in-a-hole is an undisputed favorite breakfast, you can’t exactly call the butter-heavy dish balanced. This dinner-worthy version is lighter and much more wholesome, swapping out the bread for acorn squash and brightening everything up with a parsley-packed, lemony chimichurri.

Photo: Yuri El Kaim

Quinoa instead of rice and coconut aminos instead of soy sauce give this bibimbap a new-age spin. But don't worry, there are a few non-negotiable components of the original here—namely, the garlic and sesame flavors, the all-important egg on top just waiting to be broken into.

Photo: Pinch of Yum

Though migas is a common—and indulgent—brunch favorite, if you don’t have time to make it in the morning, it’s a perfectly filling evening meal. With tortilla strips, cheese, black beans, and eggs sautéed together, it’s a deconstructed—and protein-powered—version of tacos.

Photo: Dishes Delish

Sometimes, ingredients you’d never think to put together can make for a surprisingly tasty meal. This is definitely one of those times. With spaghetti, red peppers, enchilada sauce, and eggs, this aptly named pasta recipe may read like a rundown of random items in your refrigerator, but once you taste it, it’ll all make sense.

Photo: Healthy Nibbles and Bits

You may be totally accustomed to your local take-out joint’s fried rice, but that could be because you haven’t tried this homemade version yet. With quality vegetarian protein from the good old incredible edible egg, brown jasmine rice for more fiber, and much less oil, it’s a healthy 15-minute meal that wins over anything you’d get outside.

Photo: Food Faith Fitness

In the absence of dairy, these zoodles get their creamy, rich quality from the fried eggs on top. With the still-runny yolk coating each strand, you’re getting both a pesto and a carbonara in each bite.

Photo: The Culinary Compass

This is essentially the Indian answer to scrambled eggs, spicing things up with jalapeños, red chili powder, and garam masala. While you can totally enjoy it with rice, serve it up with toasted dinner rolls to perfect the Mumbai street food vibe.

Photo: Sandra's Easy Cooking

There may not be any bread involved in this take on BLT, but that just means there’s more room for the good stuff that’s usually found inside the sandwich, along with a few special extras. The addition of hard-boiled eggs and avocados adds so much oomph to the salad, they may even outshine the bacon.

Photo: Yummy Addiction

Put a new spin on spaghetti night by serving it up in frittata form. With eggs and bacon keeping it true to the breakfast classic, and mozzarella, olives, and basil making it taste like a pasta dish, it’s a perfect blend of two Italian favorites.

Photo: My PCOS Kitchen

This may be meatloaf, but it’s the eggs that take center stage—literally. Four of 'em are tucked right into the pork mixture before baking so that with every slice, there’s a hard-boiled surprise waiting inside.

Photo: The Skinny Fork

Any brunch menu will confirm that egg avocado is a winning combo, but most restaurants offer it as a toast topping. This recipe offers an option for low-carb fans of the egg and avocado pairing by swapping the bread for spaghetti squash. It even adds a Sriracha mayo drizzle, just in case the meal wasn’t delicious enough already.

Photo: Domesticate Me

Never put an egg on a pizza before? Try it with this grilled pita pie. The combo of Parmesan, prosciutto, mushrooms, and fried egg is so irresistible, you may never eat pizza any other way again.

Photo: The Wanderlust Kitchen

Fried rice isn’t the only Chinese dish that features eggs. For a lower-carb way to get that egg and sesame oil flavor, opt for this simple, authentic stir-fry. With juicy tomatoes and rice vinegar cutting through the savory elements, the end result is sweet, sour, and satisfying.

Photo: Not a Curry

When we hear “green curry,” we almost always think of Thai food. But while this fragrant, cilantro-rich gravy does contain coconut milk, the cumin and red chili powder give it a decidedly Indian-inspired flavor that goes fantastically with the boiled eggs that are dunked in it.

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