While we love going to brunch, sometimes there’s nothing cheesier more romantic than breakfast in bed, PJs and slippers still on. We’re going full-steam ahead into this Hallmark holiday, because what the hell? Even if you’re not planning to celebrate with your significant other, you and your roomies should still make these seven Valentine’s Day breakfasts. Heart shapes entirely optional.

Valentine breakfast: Waffles
Photo: Cafe Delites

Crank out a bunch of these tie-dyed waffles on February 14 for a dessert-for-breakfast like none other. Many extra points if you go for the fully dressed ice cream-topped waffle… but we’re just as into serving with a plop of Greek yogurt and a puddle of maple syrup.

Valentine breakfast: Baked Oatmeal
Photo: The Cookie Rookie

What could be cozier than diving into chocolate and strawberry baked oatmeal in bed? Top the toasty oat casserole with a big dollop of coconut yogurt and a few extra chocolate chips for maximum tastiness.

Valentine breakfast: Eggs
Photo: My Name is Yeh

Place a well-greased heart cookie cutter on a well-greased pan and crack in an egg for the world’s cutest breakfast. For even more fun, cut the heart out of a piece of bread, place on a pan, then pour in the egg and flip. We are so doing this.

Valentine breakfast: Scones
Photo: The Green Life

These pretty-in-pink scones owe it all to beets. The magenta purée can be made ahead of time, then poured into the batter on the big day before their trip in the oven, because these scones (like most) are best when eaten warm.

Valentine breakfast: Pancakes
Photo: Two Peas and Their Pod

Say I <3 you first thing in the morning with these pancakes, and you may not even have to get your S.O. a gift. Although anyone who tops their pancakes with heart-cut strawberries absolutely wins the day.

Valentine breakfast: Oat Parfait
Photo: Green Kitchen Stories

If you or your boo aren’t really into breakfast, these “yoats” are the way to go. Spoon a thick mixture of yogurt and oats into a vibrant beet-raspberry purée. To make Valentine’s Day morning super chill, make these parfaits the night before.

Valentine breakfast: pizza
Photo: Sarah Hearts

Whether your V-day date is your BFF, your 5-year-old, or your S.O., they’ll be all over these little heart-shaped pizzas—and who says you can’t have pizza for breakfast? While you could just cut out the shapes from a take-out pizza, we think it’s pretty fun to fully DIY your Valentine’s pizza party. PS: If you’re not into pepperoni in the morning, crack an egg on top of the pizza instead.

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