If you've thought about trying Whole30, you probably know there are quite a few foods that are off-limits. As the name suggests, whole foods like veggies, meat, and healthy fats will be key during the challenge, while pretty much everything in the middle of the grocery store is out.

This can seem daunting, but good news, folks—there are plenty of store-bought foods you can eat. From avocado-based mayo to nut-based coffee creamers, these ingredients will help dress up the basics all month long. We tapped Whole30 co-founder Melissa Hartwig for her that make Whole30 way more manageable.

Whole30 Approved Avocado Mayo
Photo: Primal Kitchen

Say hello to the first ever avocado oil-based mayo, made with cage-free eggs and no sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, or canola oil. Spread it on meat, or use as a base for sauces and dressings, or tossed together with Safe Catch Tuna.

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Whole 30 Approved Tessemae Balsamic Salad Dressing
Photo: Tessemae's

Whether dressing up everyday meals, tossing with fresh greens, or roasting a pan of veggies, these sugar-, dairy-, and gluten-free dressings are the ultimate Whole30 condiments. Whole30 team favorites include the Balsamic, Lemon Garlic, and Creamy Ranch.

(, 2-pack; )

Whole30 Approved Ghee
Photo: Pure Indian Foods

Golden in color with a rich, nutty flavor, ghee is a favorite cooking fat of choice for Whole30ers. By filtering out the milk solids in regular butter and cooking until perfection, pure butter fat is all that remains, making it excellent for sautéing, pan-frying, and roasting. Our favorites include , , and .

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Whole30 Approved Hot Sauce
Photo: Frank's Red Hot

Spice up every meal from breakfast to dinner with compliant hot sauces. While there are many brands out there suitable for your Whole30, keep an eye out for added sugars and other non-compliant additives. The Whole30 team loves , , and .

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Whole30 Approved Coconut Aminos
Photo: Thrive Market

A soy-free soy sauce alternative made from aging coconut sap, coconut aminos taste amazing in salad dressings, marinades, or with your Whole30-compliant sashimi.

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Whole 30 Approved Animal Fats and Oils
Photo: Fatworks Foods

Traditional, high-quality rendered animal fats are extremely versatile with high smoke points. Animal fats can be used to cook in an endless number of ways; think duck fat roasted potatoes and a perfectly seared steak. is another favorite brand.

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Whole30 Approved Coconut Milk
Photo: Thrive Market

An excellent dairy-free alternative whenever you might use regular cream, canned full-fat coconut milk is a delicious addition to soups, curries, mashed potatoes, mashed cauliflower, Crock-Pot meals, and even your coffee or tea. Check labels for non-compliant additives; both the and brands pass the test.

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Whole30 Approved Bone Broth
Photo: Refrigerated and Frozen Food

Whether you drink it by itself or use as a base for soups and stews, bone broth is one of the most versatile Whole30 staples around. While making your own is fairly simple, our friends at , , , and make some great options.

(, 2 24-ounce packs; )

Whole30 Approved Creamer: nutpods
Photo: nutpods

Deliciously rich and creamy, nutpods' original, french vanilla, and hazelnut flavors are the perfect marriage of coconuts and almonds without any dairy, sweeteners, GMOs, soy, carrageenan, or artificial flavors and colors. Perfect for stirring in your coffee or tea or using in place of half-and-half for cooking.

(, 4 pack; )

Whole30 Approved Tuna
Photo: The Mama Maven

Having high-quality canned protein sources on hand can help you whip together a meal quickly when you're in a bind for time. Mix up with mayo and seasonings of choice and serve with leftover roasted veggies to create a tasty meal on the run. Safe Catch Tuna is sustainably caught, as well as additive- and BPA-free.

(, 6 pack; )

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