Why Breakfast Is Not the Most Important Meal

Why Breakfast Is Not the Most Important Meal of the Day

It might be the biggest nutrition myth. Here's what science has to say.
It's Basically Wet Sugar With Bubbles

This Amusing Soda Ad Will Make You Reconsider That Next Sip

It's like wet sugar with bubbles in it.
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Healthier Wings Recipes for the Super Bowl

7 Healthier Wing Recipes for Game Day

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Like a Plate Full of Cookies
Or Better Yet, Your Great-Grandparents
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24 Healthy and Easy Chili Recipes

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Blue Apron

9 Companies That Make Healthy Cooking Super Easy

Whipping up dinner is a piece of cake.

5 Things About Carbs You Need to Stop Believing

In a nutshell: They’re NOT the enemy.
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Why The FDA's Definition of Healthy Needs to Change

Why the Government's Definition of "Healthy" Doesn't Work

Ever noticed there's something amiss with food labels? You're not alone.
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23 Easy Crock-Pot Desserts

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They're an Acquired Taste.

People Try Superfoods for the First Time, React Just Like You'd Expect

If you’re used to junk food, these healthier options are an acquired taste.
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