Hold off on buying everything piling up in your Lululemon shopping cart—-size model Candice Huffine an activewear line that might fit you better than anything you've ever worn.

Why? Easy: comes in sizes 0 to 32. It's not a -size line, and it's not another standard XXXS-L(ish) line. Not only that, but it's actually pretty affordable. The 12-piece collection ranges from $19 for a stretchy bandana to $89 for a star-patterned cardigan.

Candice Huffine wearing her Day/Won activewear line So why don't all athletic-wear brands offer a wide range of sizes? It seems like they don't think enough -size people work out (wrong), so they don't want to risk making larger sizes that end up sitting on stockroom shelves.

That's messed up, and as a body-positive advocate in the fashion industry, Huffine knows it. She chose to work with a U.S.-based manufacturer that makes everything to order from sustainable materials. That means there's no backlog of items and you get your perfect size every time.

And if you're wondering about the quality of the stuff, Huffine ran last year's Boston Marathon in her .

Check out Day/Won's promo video below:

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