You know that moment when life starts to feel like a pain in the back? Well, that moment is probably now, considering experience low back pain at any given time. The best way to avoid ever having to deal with low back pain is with exercise like this back pain prevention workout.

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This 30-minute, yoga-inspired routine will help you stretch and strengthen the muscles around your pelvis to prevent low back pain flare-ups. You'll move through a series of hip stretches, core-stability exercises, and moves that strengthen your low back. Of course, always check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine. Once clear, if any of these moves cause pain, listen to your body and modify accordingly. You will need a yoga strap (or belt) and a block (or thick book) for this one.

To recap: For this class, you will need a yoga strap (or belt) and a block (or thick book).

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