The 86th annual Academy Awards are this Sunday night (March 2) in Los Angeles — a highly anticipated, can’t miss event for some, and a shrug-off, semi-entertaining telecast for others. Whichever camp you fall into, our Academy Awards Workout Drinking Game below is sure to make Hollywood’s big night oh-so-much better.

The best (or worst) part: Between red carpet fanfare and the actual awards show, you have about four hours to work with. So even if you miss a few (15 lunges!) or Gravity ends the night as a 10-category Oscar-nominated film (no jump squats for you!), there are still many opportunities to work on your fitness and/or get your drink on — which means it might be a good idea to keep this on hand (nobody should ever deal with a nasty hangover, but especially not on Monday morning). And if you do plan on tuning in for the whole shebang (way to go, champ!), consider choosing one of these 60 healthier drinks.

Oscar Workout Drinking Game

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