A 30-Minute Yoga-Pilates Sequence to Ease Tension in Your Back

Whether you've been crushing your workouts at the gym or putting out fires all day at your desk job, strenuous or stressful situations can cause a lot of tension in your upper and lower back. Ease the pain with this gentle yoga and Pilates fusion sequence. 

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This 30-minute routine features a powerful combo of yoga and Pilates moves. It's intentionally slow and subtle, so you can nurture your body rather than punish it. The class is set to a soothing instrumental track, which immediately helps you feel relaxed AF. Seriously, get home, shut the door, dim the lights, and take these 30 minutes for yourself—you'll feel like a brand new person. Just grab a yoga mat (a strap or belt are optional) and press play to get started. 

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