This series of GWODs was designed especially for Glamourgirlz by . For more information about the exercises in this workout, or to see video demos of each movement, follow the links below the graphic. Be sure to note the results of your workout so you can track your progress as you go.

Before you tackle this killer workout, try this quick and effective full-body warm-up designed by Bodeefit. It's just five simple moves but hits every major muscle group and gets your heart pumping.

Glamourgirlz Workout of the Day: Tabata Tuesday

Tabata Tuesday

Perform each movement for a total of 4 minutes, alternating between 20 seconds of all-out effort and 10 seconds of rest. When you've completed 8 rounds (4 minutes), move on to the next exercise. The total duration of the workout is 12 minutes.

Want to kick the intensity up a notch? Instead of jumping lunges, do weighted lunges with a medium-weight barbell on your back rack position!

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