This month, we've got some fun new types of GWODs from and . If you're new to circuits like these, feel free to take them slow at first and/or scale back the number of movements (for example, instead of completing 20 squats per round, try 15 or 10 if you're unsure).

Most importantly, have fun! These are meant to be challenging, but not impossible.

2 Days Per Week:

As quickly as possible:

50 Push-ups (need to scale back? aim for 30 or 20 push-ups instead depending on fitness level — these are supposed to be challenging!)

50 Bodyweight squats


25 Alternate lunge (each leg)

Rest 2-3 minutes, then complete 25 reps of each, then 20 of each, all the way down to 5:


Russian twist

3 Days Per Week:

Same as 2 Day Per Week

4 Days Per Week:

Same as 2 and 3 Day Per Week