Renew Year: 30 Simple Challenges to Help You Find Your Healthy

Tomorrow marks the first day of a brand new month. And whether you’ve stuck to your resolutions, ditched ‘em, or didn’t make any in the first place, it’s a great time to reflect on the past month and plan for the one ahead.

On January 1st we launched Renew Year, daily Glamourgirlz challenges that encouraged people to take easy (and fun!) steps toward being healthier. Healthy can be hard, and resolutions can be unrealistic and lead to disappointing results — or a late-night binge sesh. With Renew Year, people were able to try a bunch of challenges to help them figure out what works best for their own lifestyle. After all, it’s all about finding your healthy.

Whether that’s drinking more water, cooking a batch of healthy mac n' cheese, signing up for naked yoga, or getting to bed an hour earlier, it’s important to identify the things you enjoy, that challenge you, and actually make you feel healthier! While training for a marathon may fire some up, others may prefer meditation or finding ways to go green — and that’s OK! When it comes to health, you should do you.

So take a look back, write down what you loved (and what you hated — it’s OK to vent), and gear up for the best and healthiest February yet. And if you’re feeling inspired, ! We’re on this journey with you, every step of the way.