If you make the same baked chicken breasts week after week, you're bound to get tired of the bird. But when you change 'em up and try them in a variety of recipes (spicy chicken, sweet chicken, crispy chicken, chicken tenders), they taste pretty damn good every single time. Change up your bird game with these 60 (!) chicken breast recipes that are easy to prepare so a lame chicken meal will never hit your plate again. With awesome marinades, rubs, and sauces, these guys pack in the flavor, and you can make all of them with everyday kitchen ingredients. We hate to brag, but these are all winners winner, chicken dinner.


lemon herb chicken
Photo: Simply Scratch

No piles of dishes to wash here. Seared chicken, fresh herbs, and zesty lemon come together in one pan in just 20 minutes. Have some bread handy to dip in the extra sauce.

mustard baked chicken tenders
Photo: The Fit Blog

Chicken fingers aren't just for kids (or for when you get the drunchies... ). This recipe uses a super-easy mixture of spices and whole-grain mustard for a healthier baked version. These taste great over rice, quinoa, a salad, or dipped into your favorite condiment.

mint lime grilled chicken
Photo: She Wears Many Hats

Pair this chicken breast with a healthier margarita-like sauce of mint and lime. The simple combo of lime juice, lime zest, mint, olive oil, and salt can be used as a salad dressing too.

Healthy Chicken Breast Recipes: Chicken Marsala
Photo: Girl and the Kitchen

This healthier take on the classic Italian dish is packed with flavor. The blogger reduces the Marsala sauce twice, so the mushrooms can soak up even more goodness. The best part? It's ready in about 15 minutes.

tomato basil chicken breast
Photo: Pinch of Yum

This homemade tomato sauce will make your chicken breasts taste great over pasta (or zoodles). You probably already have all seven of these simple ingredients (chicken, pasta, garlic, olive oil, tomatoes, basil, butter) in your kitchen.

Cayenne-Rubbed Chicken
Photo: Alida's Kitchen

Looking to turn up the heat? This cayenne-rub recipe is an awesome way to flip the script on a boring chicken dinner. With avocado salsa on top, you can't go wrong.

Chicken Breast Rubs

brown sugar baked chicken
Photo: Rachel Shultz

A quick, sweet, and savory dinner doesn’t get easier than this. Preheat the oven while you coat the chicken in a blend of sugar, paprika, cumin, salt, pepper, oregano, and garlic. Bake for 20 minutes, eat, and repeat.

spice-rubbed grilled chicken
Photo: Pioneer Woman

This recipe combines lots of spices (paprika, chili powder, cumin, thyme, and garlic powder) for maximum flavor. Just mix them together, sprinkle over the chicken, cook 'em up, and glaze with a honey vinegar sauce. Easy peasy.

peri peri beer soaked chicken
Photo: BBQ Like It's Hot

If you like your chicken spicy (and enjoy drinking beer), then this recipe is for you. Pick up a peri peri rub at the store or , or by combining spices at home. Then you soak the chicken in beer—and keep another beverage on hand to enjoy with dinner.

baked chicken breasts
Photo: Gimme Some Oven

This basic recipe is perfect for those "I really don't want to make dinner" kind of nights. With only four main ingredients, (a fancy-looking) dinner is served in just 20 minutes.

Chicken Breast Marinades

Jamaican jerk chicken
Photo: Iowa Girl Eats

Packed with spices such as allspice, sage, and nutmeg, the taste of this chicken will transport you to the beaches of Jamaica (even if you’re stuck in another polar vortex). Serve with optional red beans and rice to round out the Jamaican-inspired meal.

Thai Grilled Chicken
Photo: Kevin is Cooking

Craving pad Thai? Try this easy grilled chicken recipe instead. Just make sure you prep ahead of time, since the chicken needs to sit in the marinade for at least three hours to soak up all the flavor. If you're feeling fancy, you can make it over Asian noodles.

Greek style lemon chicken skewers
Photo: Chez Us

These Greek chicken skewers taste great over the classic tomato, cucumber, and feta salad or tucked inside a pita. Save this marinade recipe for the next time you're making shrimp.

Hawaiian chicken and pineapple
Photo: Damn Delicious

This chicken will conjure up thoughts of sunshine, grass skirts, and fresh island flavors. Turn up the heat by adding a teaspoon of Sriracha, but don't forget to whip up a frozen cocktail to offset the spice.

the best 4-ingredient chicken marinade
Photo: No Biggie

So simple yet so tasty, this marinade will keep chicken breasts juicy while grilling. Who knew that brown sugar, vinegar, oil, and soy sauce could produce something this good?


Ramen Noodle Chinese Chicken Salad
Photo: Tastes Lovely

Honey, soy sauce, and sesame oil combine to give this salad that ramen-like flavor. Chop up the ingredients and throw them in a salad bowl, and you're done. If you like your salad chopped, try using a pizza cutter or large chef's nice to slice up your lettuce.

Za'atar Chicken, Pumpkin, and Goat Cheese Salad
Photo: JS Health

When bird meets gourd in this warm salad, something magical happens. In this recipe, spicy za’atar chicken joins forces with sweet, roasted pumpkin. Topped with creamy goat cheese, rich tahini, and chopped hazelnuts, this dish is a fall favorite full of warmth and flavor.

healthy avocado chicken salad
Photo: Family Fresh Meals

We couldn’t write a list of chicken recipes without mentioning chicken salad! The secret ingredients in this version are our dear friends Greek yogurt and avocado, lime juice and cilantro to give it a fresh, light taste. Eat it on its own or in a wrap.

lemony chicken breast with cucumber feta salad
Photo: Inspired Taste

While the chicken marinates for 20 minutes, toss together this creamy, crunchy salad. While the chicken cooks, the flavors in the salad meld, coming together for one healthy, hearty main course. The next day, throw leftovers in a wrap for a new spin on lunch.

balsamic strawberry chicken salad
Photo: Creme de la Crumb

Balsamic vinaigrette pairs perfectly with strawberries and acts as the star in this light salad. (Optional pecans add a little crunch, and feta gets sprinkled on top for a meal that’s as nice to look at as it is to eat.)


open face buffalo chicken sandwich
Photo: Domesticate Me

If you need to satisfy your craving for buffalo wings, this open-face sandwich will do the trick. The homemade Greek yogurt ranch-slaw gives the recipe a healthier update, and you'll want to put it on everything.

baked crispy chicken sandwich
Photo: The Scrumptious Pumpkin

Forget fast food sandwiches—this homemade version tastes just as good and is ridiculously easy to make. Feel free to skip the accompanying slaw—or use plain Greek yogurt in place of the mayo if you want a healthier side.

Chicken Quesadilla
Photo: The Suburban Soapbox

Jam-packed with artichoke hearts, pepperjack cheese, spinach, and roasted chicken, this is no ordinary quesadilla. It takes no time at all to whip up, making it one of our go-to dinners for busy nights.

chicken pesto sandwich
Photo: Damn Delicious

This pesto sauce gets whipped up quickly in the food processor (or blender) and then combined with Greek yogurt for extra creaminess before topping the chicken. Spread on a baguette and top with tomatoes, arugula, and fresh mozzarella for one of the simplest, tastiest uses for leftover shredded chicken.

Curried Chicken and Avocado Sandwich
Photo: Camille Styles

"Curried chicken" might sound fancy, but this recipe just sprinkles curry powder on some chicken and slaps it on a sandwich with arugula, cilantro, and avocado. The blogger also includes mango chutney, but we think this sandwich would taste good with or without the spread.

Soups and Stews

chicken noodle soup
Photo: A Cedar Spoon

Veggies and herbs give this soup a fresh flavor, while Sriracha keeps things spicy. As a bonus, this recipe uses rotisserie chicken to make preparation even quicker.

thai coconut noodle soup
Photo: The Cookie Rookie

Tired of your boring old chicken noodle soup? This creative version infuses Thai flavors and takes just five minutes to prep. The soup may be hot, but the tropical coconut flavor makes it appropriate for any season.

Chinese Chicken Noodle Soup
Photo: Recipe Tin Eats

For a unique take on chicken noodle soup, try this version. It's kind of like a simpler ramen bowl. Traditional Asian flavors, such as sesame oil and soy sauce, give this easy dish an intense but pleasing taste.

healthy dumplings
Photo: The Skinny Fork

The take-out favorite gets a whole-food makeover. This stew is loaded with celery, carrots, and onions (and chicken, duh), while the dumplings are made with whole-wheat flour.

salsa verde chicken soup
Photo: Root and Revel

This recipe uses six ingredients that pack serious flavor. White beans, salsa verde, chicken, bone broth, avocado, and cilantro come together for a Mexican-inspired soup that you'll want to make again and again.

31. Chicken Tortilla Soup
Photo: Kim's Cravings

It’s everything you love in a taco, but in a broth that’s packed with Mexican flavor. This soup makes a great alternative to your typical taco or fajita night. Don’t forget the healthy toppings, such as avocado, diced red onion, cilantro, and salsa.

32. Hearty Chicken and White Bean Soup
Photo: Maria Ushakova

Meat lovers, rejoice! This soup has chicken and sausage in it (but feel free to leave out the sausage if you have a smaller appetite). Brown your meat(s), add veggies and broth, then stir in beans to top off this hearty, protein-rich soup.

33. Crock-Pot Mexican Chicken Stew
Photo: Sweet Peas and Saffron

With a mix of chicken, peppers, onions, beans, and chili powder, how could you go wrong with this slightly spicy soup on a cold day? And it's easy to make too. It stews all by itself in the slow cooker.

34. Tomato Basil Chicken Stew
Photo: Gimme Some Oven

A mix of tomato and basil give this quick stew a tangy taste. Combined with chicken, this simple dish is the perfect treat for a cold day spent inside. Just be sure to wrap up the leftovers and save them in the fridge for later.

35. Creamy Chicken and Mushroom Soup
Photo: Damn Delicious

When you’re in need of some TLC, this stew is an awesome alternative to chicken noodle soup. Chicken and mushrooms cook quickly while you make a creamy sauce with the help of some flour—and then you serve it all with (optional) biscuits.


36. Healthy Chicken Tamale Pizza
Photo: 24 Carrot Life

Is it Mexican or is it pizza? It’s both—and it’s so good! The gluten-free cornmeal and egg crust is super easy to make, and it gets covered with refried beans (or black bean puree) instead of tomato sauce, shredded chicken, and enchilada sauce. The best part is that you can play around with all the ingredients to suit your taste. Go nuts!

Tandoori Chicken Naan Pizza
Photo: Bev Cooks

If you didn't think chicken curry would ever make an appearance at your pizza party, think again. Combining masala sauce, sweet caramalized onions, roasted chicken, and sliced mango—all on top of a doughy naan base—this is a pizza you'll be craving naan-stop.

38. Pizza-Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Photo: DIY BudgetGirl

Skip the whole crust business and stuff all the best parts about pizza straight into the chicken breast. Surprisingly satisfying, this pizza chicken is awesome on a bed of greens—or on its own.

39. Thai Chicken Pizza
Photo: Tasty Kitchen

This recipe uses a spicy, Thai-influenced marinade to make a chicken pizza that’s out of this world. Use your favorite store-bought dough to make this faster, and add or subtract vegetables based on your preferences.

40. Roasted Garlic, Chicken, and Herb Pizza
Photo: Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

A pizza without tomato sauce? You won’t miss it in this white version. Once you have a bite of this spinach, basil, and garlicky chicken pizza (topped with as much or as little gooey cheese as you’d like), you may never go back to the red.

Oven-Baked Chicken

41. Buffalo Chicken
Photo: Domesticate Me

If you’re a fan of buffalo wings (aren't we all), you will love this recipe. Use a wire rack to keep the breading intact and if you’ve got the time, whip up a healthier dressing on your own—use plain Greek yogurt in place of the mayonnaise to keep things light.

42. Ranch Cheddar Chicken
Photo: Damn Delicious

This recipe might sound a bit heavy, but this twist on cheddar and ranch is everything you want in a tangy chicken dish. All you have to do is whip together your sauce, bake the chicken for about half an hour, and serve.

43. Baked Lemon Chicken
Photo: Le Creme de la Crumb

Lemon steals the show in this dinner party-worthy dish. Cook the chicken with the skin on to keep it juicy, then remove the skin when you're ready to serve.

44. Honey-Baked Garlic Chicken
Photo: Damn Delicious

Honey and garlic?! Yep, we're so in. These sweet and spicy breasts are easy to make and, thanks to their size, work perfectly as an appetizer.

45. The World's Best Chicken
Photo: Rachel Schultz

This recipe’s title makes a bold claim, but when you combine the taste of this chicken and the fact that it’s totally foolproof to make, it’s definitely a strong contender. A sweet and tangy mixture of mustard, maple syrup, and vinegar gets poured over chicken breasts. Bake for half an hour, sprinkle on some fresh rosemary, and you’re done. Serve with a side salad for a complete meal.

On the Stove

46. Skillet Chicken Parmesan
Photo: Mother Thyme

An alternative to traditional labor-intensive chicken Parm, this version comes together with pantry ingredients on the stove for a 30-minute meal. Rachael Ray would be proud.

47. One-Pan Pasta With Chicken, Pesto, and Olive
Photo: Olivia's Cuisine

Three main ingredients, one pan, and 100-percent delicious: This pesto chicken breast is great over (whole-wheat) pasta or in a salad.

48. The Easiest Thai-Coconut Curry
Photo: Cookie and Kate

Tasty, spicy, and good: This red curry will wake up your taste buds and satisfy a Thai-food craving. Still hungry? Pour extra sauce over the rice.

49. Stovetop Barbeque Chicken
Photo: Weary Chef

Use your favorite barbecue sauce (store-bought or homemade) and a handful of spices for juicy, barbecued chicken without the grill.

50. Healthy Indian Butter Chicken
Photo: Jessica In the Kitchen

No need to order takeout when you can make this Indian favorite right at home. Serve over basmati rice and be amazed that you made dinner before delivery would have even arrived.


51. Chicken Breast Stuffed With Prosciutto and Asparagus
Photo: Fit Foodie Finds

Forget a side of vegetables—this chicken comes with them inside. Vitamin-rich asparagus are placed inside chicken breast halves, along with prosciutto. After cooking for a few minutes on the stove, the chicken gets drizzled with a simple pan sauce for a quick weeknight dinner.

52. Broccoli and Cheese Stuffed Chicken
Photo: Life In the Lofthouse

This isn’t the steamed, boring broccoli you ate as a kid. Here the veggie gets an adult makeover when it’s stuffed in chicken along with Swiss cheese (use as much or as little as you’d like) and breaded with whole-wheat crumbs. And with just seven ingredients, making this is a snap.

53. Herb-Parmesan Stuffed Chicken
Photo: Becky's Best Bites

Using fresh rosemary makes all the difference in this super-simple recipe. When combined with a touch of Canadian bacon and goat cheese, its flavor really shines. And with just four ingredients, this recipe is great for those nights when you’re wondering what to make for dinner.

54. Spinach and Feta Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Photo: Skinny Taste

This recipe does Popeye proud. A heap of spinach is sautéed with onions, garlic, and spices, and then mixed with feta and protein-rich ricotta. The chicken then gets breaded (with whole-wheat crumbs!) and baked to perfection. Serve with a simple side salad for a green-friendly dinner.

55. Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Stuffed Chicken Breasts
Photo: Iowa Girl Eats

Two types of cheeses, tomatoes, and basil make this weeknight-friendly chicken feel like it should take much longer to prepare.

With Fruit

56. Apricot Barbecue Chicken
Photo: The Healthy Maven

How do four ingredients manage to taste so good? As the chicken broils, brush the easy-peasy glaze on—and you’re done. If you’re not an apricot fan, try a different flavor of jam to suit your tastes.

57. Baked Coconut-Crusted Chicken
Photo: Chelsea's Messy Apron

This showstopper will help you pretend you’re in the tropics. Coconut chicken is great on its own, but adding mango salsa makes it even better. The recipe calls for frozen mango, but if fresh is in season, it’ll lend extra sweetness.

58. Grilled Chicken With Peach Glaze
Photo: Grits and Pinecones

Plain grilled chicken gets a little more interesting with a spicy fruit glaze. Don’t miss out on the grilled peaches either—they really give the chicken some extra oomph.

59. Grilled Chicken With Black Bean Mango Salsa
Photo: Skinny Taste

Black beans and mango in one dish? You’ll touch on a few food groups when protein-rich chicken gets combined with a zesty fruit salsa in this recipe. It’s quick too—make the salsa while the chicken sautés for four to six minutes, and then coat the chicken in it. Dinner’s ready!

60. Baked Pineapple-Teriyaki Chicken
Photo: Sally's Baking Addiction

Pineapple gives this homemade teriyaki sauce a natural sweetness. If you like things saucy, you might want to make an extra batch of sauce to pour over sautéed veggies and rice as well.

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