As much as we love overheating at night and sweating through all layers of clothing, we're ready for something to change. And since we likely still have several months of summer left, we tapped the experts at Wirecutter to find the best tools to keep you cool. While you may not be able to thrive in 90- degree weather, you can at least survive.

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1. The Best Window Fan

Keeping bigger rooms in your home cool can be something of a nightmare. A small fan won't cut it, a huge fan can be an eyesore, and opening the windows is totally out of the question. The is the perfect solution to this problem. It's noticeably more powerful than the other , which means it'll do a better job of keeping your whole room cool.

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2. The Best Room Fan

Not all mini-fans are created equal. The is the . Actually, the 630 isn’t technically a fan, it’s an air circulator. Air circulators are designed to create a vortex that circulates all the air in a room and cool down spaces a lot better than oscillating fans. Plus, the Vornado 360 is more reliable, easier to clean, and quieter than its noncirculating competitors.

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3. The Quietest Fan

A fan that stays silent while doing its job is hard to come by. Never fear, on the market: the . It's not cheap, but it's the sleekest, quietest fan you can buy. It's still immensely powerful, and its modern design means it won't stand out like a sore thumb.

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4. The Best Window AC

Not all of us are blessed with central air conditioning (sigh), so window units it is. Though most look identical on the surface, not all are created equal. If you're trying to find the , go for the . While it's , it cools your space just the same. It's also a lot easier to install than its more expensive counterparts.

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5. The Best Portable AC

A portable air conditioner can sometimes be a pain, but for people who prefer one over a window unit: the . The Whynter is the best because of its cooling capabilities—it sucks the most hot air out of the room you’re trying to cool. Even better, it's significantly smaller and easier to move than its competitors.

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6. The Best Summer Sheets

Finding sheets that you don't want to kick off the bed every sticky night can be a challenge, but : . The sheets aren't cheap, but you'll feel the quality difference on the next grossly hot night.

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7. The Best Summer Underwear for Women

If you've never tried them, then trust us: Summer-specific undies are game-changing. for women comes from . The pair is perfect for women who travel, work out, or simply exist in the hot weather.


8. The Best Summer Underwear for Men

The is the . This pair is ideal for hot weather since it prevents chafing and keeps you cool while also staying super supportive. Again, if you've never tried sweat-wicking underwear, this summer is about to get way better.

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9. The Best Blackout Window Curtains

are great for more than just sleeping in late. keep out the sun-induced heat. Go grab 'em to see just how much better you'll sleep.

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10. The Best Ice Cream Maker

I scream, you scream, we all scream. is the . It's so easy to use and is guaranteed to churn out great treats, even after years of use. The Whynter ain't cheap, but if you want quality (and homemade ice cream for years), it's the way to go.

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11. The Best Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Hot coffee is the last thing you want on sweltering days. Make your own cold brew with the . as the more expensive guys.

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12. The Best Cooler

We all have an old cooler lying around a garage somewhere that dates back to the 1980s, and it probably does a solidly mediocre job at summer barbecues. But can that cooler keep ice solid for a full week? No? Well, the can. That's why it's —not only is it the best performing cooler out there, it's also affordable and easy to clean. Score.

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Photos by Michael Hession

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