Unless you have your own personal glam squad and hours to spend applying a full face of makeup (a.k.a. you're a Kardashian), you need a quick, streamlined makeup routine that you can bust out on busy mornings or during post-workout locker-room rushes.

One of the easiest ways to streamline your makeup bag? Use products that do double duty. These 12 makeup multitaskers tackle two (or more) things at once so you can get ready fast. You don't need them all, but we support you if you decide you do.

Multipurpose Makeup Foundation

Primer + Foundation + Concealer
is a triple threat. Use clean fingertips, a sponge, or a brush to dot it on your face and then blend. The formula has a built-in primer, so it stays put all day. Plus, it's buildable: Layer it to conceal a blemish—one and done.
Available at or your local drugstore, $11.29.

Multipurpose Makeup Concealer
Photo: Charlotte Tilbury

Eye Cream + Under-Eye Brightener
When pulling yourself together post morning workout calls for a miracle, try . On one side, an eye cream packed with hyaluronic acid rehydrates the skin around your eyes; on the other, a creamy concealer with light-reflecting particles brightens shadows, hides dark circles, and helps diffuse the appearance of bags. Nothing can replace a solid eight hours of sleep, but this product can help you fake it.
Available at , $45.

Multipurpose Makeup Blush

Blush + Lip Color + Eye Shadow
There are few things easier to execute than a monochromatic look. Simply swipe the same shade across your cheeks, lips, and eyes, and you're good to go. does the trick—it has a touch of shimmer and comes in three neutral shades that flatter a wide range of skin tones.
Available at or your local drugstore, $3.99.

Multipurpose Makeup Mascara

Mascara + Lash Curler
Not only do those crazy lash curlers look like torture devices, they also take up extra room in your makeup bag. Cut down on clutter with . Wiggle the wand at the base of your lashes before swiping up for extra lift. It's sweat proof (and natural!), so it's perfect for days when you're running from work to workout.
Available at , $21.

Multipurpose Makeup Eye Shadow Eye Liner

Eye Shadow + Liner
Fussing with different shadows, brushes, and liners is a hassle, but makes creating any eye look a piece of cake. Swipe the shadow across your lid or along the crease, and blend with your fingertips. Then use the liner to define. Bonus: The smudge-free formula stays put all day.
Available at , $9.99.

Multipurpose Makeup Highlighter

All-Over Highlighter
Don't worry, you don't need to know a single thing about contouring to use a highlighter. is perfect for creating a polished look with minimal effort. Swipe it along your brow bone (right under your brow), in the inner corner of your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, on the cupid's bow of your lips, and along both cheekbones. Then blend with your fingers to add a natural, pretty glow to your skin.
Available at or your local drugstore, $6.89.

Multipurpose Makeup Mascara

Lip Color + Balm
If you love the color of lipstick but hate that icky, dry feeling, check out . Maybelline upgraded their best-selling Baby Lips sheer balms with an injection of super-saturated color. The eight ultra-moisturizing shades feel buttery smooth, not sticky.
Available at or your local drugstore, $6.99.

Multipurpose Makeup Eye Shadow

Eye Primer + Shadow + Liner + Sharpener
For anyone who doesn't want (or know how) to deal with eye makeup, for you. The silky formula (which comes in a variety of colors) glides on smooth and stays put for hours. Use it as a primer or a shadow—or sharpen the tip with the built-in sharpener to use it as a liner. It really doesn't get any easier.
Available at $22.

Multipurpose Makeup SPF

Tinted Coverage + SPF
is the perfect product for life on the go. If you like light coverage, the formula features a broad-spectrum SPF 45 and tinted powders that help even out your skin tone and texture. Glide it across your forehead, cheeks, nose, and chin, then blend well.
Available at $35.

Multipurpose Makeup Liner

Eye Liner + Lip Liner
If the packaging of doesn't make you nostalgic for those multicolored pens you used as a kid, then you're either too old or too young to be reading this. (Jokes!) But srsly, upcycling the packaging from a 90s retractable pen is pretty genius. Instead of four different colored inks, you get three eyeliners (black, brown, and bright blue), and a natural beige lip liner so you can shape and define eyes and lips in one click. Hurry though; this pen is limited edition.
Available at $30.

Multipurpose Makeup Brows

Brow Pencil + Brush
Messing with your brows is usually best left to the pros, but lives up to its name. Use the attached spoolie brush to comb hairs in place. The angled tip on the other end makes it crazy easy to fill in sparse brows with short strokes. It even comes with a tips and tricks sheet to guide the truly lost.
Available at $24.

Multipurpose Makeup Cover Up
Photo: Philosophy

Primer + Highlighter
can be used under or over your makeup, depending on the effect you want. The creamy, fast-absorbing formula acts as a base below your other makeup, while the teeny light-reflecting pigments add a radiant finish when worn on top.
Available at , $30.

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