Sleep is one of those highly coveted, can't-get-enough-of-it things that everyone wants. But is anyone you know actually getting enough of it? We're all so overstimulated and overstressed that visions of unread emails dance in our heads wayyyy more than sugarplums do.

Since you can't actually give the gift of sleep (if only... ), give the people on your list something that'll help them fall asleep faster, stay asleep longer, or just relax a little more.

Bottle of Osea x Parachute linen mist

Osea, the beloved plant-based skin-care brand, teamed up with bed and bath company Parachute to make a relaxing, nontoxic that encourages restful sleep. This gift is ideal for people who care about what's going on their skin (and in their bed).

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Throw blanket that says 'good at naps'

This is perfect for your nap-loving friend/relative who cares about home aesthetic (because ratty fleece blankets are extremely unpleasant on the eye). It's big enough to completely wrap yourself in, which is key, and looks great tossed over an armchair or even hung like a tapestry.

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Three facemasks, one says Collagen, another says Pearl, and the third says Aqua

The easiest way to get your beauty rest? A you can sleep in. These three masks won't pull your skin so tight that you feel like it's going to fall off, and each has a unique formula to target certain skin issues. Buy one as a stocking stuffer or gift a set of all three.


Philips wake-up light alarm clock

Is there anything worse than the sound of the alarm clock in the morning? We're shuddering just thinking about it. Make mornings suck less with . It wakes you up gradually using a combination of light therapy and sound, which feels way more natural than being jolted awake by off-brand samba music.

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Leesa pllow

Sure, $75 might sound like a lot for a pillow, but that's why it makes a great gift. The is made of Leesa's signature Avena performance foam, which is both cooling and supportive and won't lose its shape. Looking to really treat someone? Pair with the .

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White candle in front of a blue box that says "deep sleep heavenly candle"

This minimalist is made from a calming blend of lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils. It's super potent, so it can easily scent a medium-size room—but don't worry, it's not aggressively overpowering.

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Pink headband that has headphones embedded to wear to sleep

These might not be the cutest accessory, but they're seriously comfortable and perfect for people who can't fall asleep without listening to music or a podcast.

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Bedtime story essential oil bottle

This calming is a mix of chamomile, lavender, spikenard, and tangerine. It's perfect for relaxing, going to sleep, or just creating a calm and restorative environment. This blend can be used with a diffuser or sprinkled directly onto a pillowcase. Bonus: It's TSA friendly for folks who have a hard time sleeping on planes.

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White satin pillowcase on a pillow

Though there isn't a lot of science to back it up, many people (including derms) are firm believers in the power of a , claiming it can help prevent wrinkles, bedhead, frizzy hair, and even acne. We can't promise all those benefits, but we can promise the beauty guru in your life will appreciate how good it feels on their skin.

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Dodow metronome light

This projects a soft blue light on the ceiling that'll guide you to sleep with a relaxing breathing exercise. It works as a metronome, so you breathe in and out as the circle of light gets larger and smaller.

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Purple stick of scented aromatherapy balm

If your giftee loves to sleep but can't actually get to sleep, tell them to rub this lavender-, ylang-ylang-, and palmarosa-scented onto their wrists and neck, and they'll be knocked out in no time.

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Colorful earplugs

If ya gotta use earplugs, they may as well be attractive. Whether your recipient has a noisy upstairs neighbor or a dog that just won't quit, these are as adorable as they are effective.

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White, round essential oil diffuser

An is a great way to make a room smell nice and relaxing without having to resort to gross-smelling air fresheners. This one is super quiet, doesn't light up (so it can be used at night!), and releases a mist into the air at 20-minute intervals.

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