Stuff We Love: Grokker


In theory, exercise should be simple: Get dressed, grab a water bottle, and go to the gym. In real life, it's more complicated. There are no clean socks, or there's a snowstorm brewing outside, so you give up on the idea altogether.

But there's an easier way to make it happen. an online wellness resource, eliminates any excuse by providing high-quality, high-definition video content you can watch in your living room—or wherever you may be. (No socks needed).

Featuring world-class fitness and yoga instructors who help make exercise effective and fun, Grokker helps you fit any workout—total-body HIIT, barre, or kickboxing—into your busy schedule. Need to relax? There's a variety of soothing and even . Hungry? will help you whip up a nutritious post-workout meal.

Plus, it's interactive: Experts offer personalized feedback, and you can "love," "like," or save videos to watch in the future. They also have live-streaming classes, so you can enjoy all the energy of a group workout.

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