Generally speaking, 2017 was pretty rough. We can all agree hate reared its ugly head way too many times. But it also forced us to find common ground—and realize we're not so different after all, no matter what we look like.

With the year (finally) coming to close, we want to celebrate all the regular people who made the biggest difference in how we see ourselves. Check out these eight inspirational badasses who shared their stories and changed the way we look at our bodies.

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When lost a ton of weight, it didn't disappear without a trace. It became loose skin, which is what happens to pretty much everyone. So what makes Brenna so special? Rather than obsessing over and hating her imperfections, Brenna started the process of learning to love and accept them. She reminded us how important it is to embrace our bodies as they are instead of pinching and prodding and falling into a circle of self-hate.

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As the husband of Insta-famous health blogger , Edward Lane (a.k.a. ) knows too well how artificial the online wellness community can be. (Does anyone actually flex like that all the time? Do they ever eat anything other than salads?!) Lane created a parody Instagram to tell the world that NOPE, nobody looks like that all the time. And there's definitely no reason anyone should feel obligated to. In case you forgot, you don't need six-pack abs to be healthy.

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105-year-old Lil Hansen teaching a yoga class

If you think you're too old to do the splits, think again. Lil Hansen is 105 years old and still teaches yoga once a week at the senior center in her hometown of Ludington, Michigan. She's been doing it for years and has no plans to stop anytime soon. A published by Hansen's hometown news station reminded the world that yoga (and fitness) is for every body, not just young ones.

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Celebs and regular people alike swear by shapewear and its (admittedly amazing) smoothing powers. But , a body-positivity advocate, to remind us how dangerous shapewear can be for our self-perception. It's important, Smith said, to remember we're all attractive and worthy whether we have our Spanx on or not.

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A -size woman painted metallic gold posing for a photoshoot

As a photographer and -size model, knows how unwelcoming the world can be to -size women. To fight back and (literally) highlight the beauty of every body, Denker made a photo project called "Metallic Curves," where she painted -size women in silver and gold paint to capture all their curvy beauty.

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Kirsten Bosly, a 41-year-old mother of two, spent years avoiding taking photos with her kids because of how self-conscious she was. But after realizing that one day, photos would be all her kids had left of her, she decided that how she looks in a bathing suit means nothing to the people who love her. The result was an adorable photo at the beach with her kids, which she posted on along with a super-inspiring message about letting go of shame.

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Katie Karlson is a total badass. She's 5'9", weighs more than 200 pounds (yep, that makes her obese according to her BMI), is vegan, and has worked out four or more days per week for the last SIX years. In a powerful Instagram post, Karlson explained how messed up it is that everyone assumes big girls (and guys) are lazy or unfit and how the fitness industry doesn't cater to her size.

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might look like she has zero insecurities (she is posing naked, after all), but that couldn't be further from the truth. In a , the anonymous yogi-slash-photographer reminded us we're all insecure—but that doesn't mean we should hide behind our fear. She opened up about her journey coming to terms with her height and how yoga helped her love her body just how it is.

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