Primal 7

We know, we know. The whole point of bodyweight exercises is you don't need any equipment. But sometimes your body can be your own worst enemy—bad form on a plank or push-up will show you that.

There’s already an army of items that try to make working out more entertaining and effective, but as far as at-home gear goes, nothing matches the . The training system combines two adjustable suspension straps and resistance bands for a super-safe and intense bodyweight workout. The resistance band is the serious game changer. Do a normal push-up, and the band makes it way easier (even for beginners), but grab hold of the rings on the suspension straps and now you have a challenging abs exercise.

Then, of course, there's the part where you get to use the resistance band to move around like an acrobat (it's totally normal to shout "I'm flying!"), doing modified supermans, cable flys, or speed skaters. If that sounds like jibberish, don't worry, Primal 7 comes with tons of .

Setup couldn't be simpler: Put the two anchors over the top of a door, close it, and you're good to go. At $199, Primal 7 is pricey, but it makes workouts so fun we found ourselves using it all the time.

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