Anyone who's ever tried pizza dipping sauces knows that pizza and ranch dressing go together like Sunday morning and brunch. There is literally—and yes, we mean literally—nothing more satisfying than plunging a cheesy slice into a tub of creamy ranch.

But because we know there are folks out there who haven't yet discovered this magic, here are all the stages of eating pizza with ranch:

1. Someone has the brilliant idea to order pizza

Boy shouting about getting pizza Not all heroes wear capes.

2. Finally, the doorbell rings, and you know there's a hero waiting on the other side.

Girls running to the front door for pizza delivery guy Just look at all those pizzas... that's probably one pizza per person. Those girls know what's up.

3. Then you run to the fridge because you can't have pizza without that magic ingredient...

Woman opening her fridge Can you guess what it is???

4. Yep. It's ranch. The magic ingredient is ranch.

Bottle of Hidden Valley ranch dressing waving Helllloooooooo, sexy.

5. Haters gon' hate, but...

Dog holding a slice of pizza That just means more pizza and ranch for you. Sharing is overrated anyway.

6. Then you show 'em the dunk, which goes a little something like this:

Man dunking a basketball in a hoop Yes, it takes speed, agility, and skill to dip the pizza without splattering ranch everywhere or losing any toppings. This is a talent worth mastering.

7. And then it's straight to chowtown.

Boy folding up entire pizza to eat in one bite Yep, it's about to go down (in one bite, just watch).

8. But wait... where's all the pizza? Gone already??

Cat looking shocked Impossible! You only got like three slices... the world is a lie. How many pizzas did you order anyway??

9. Hold up. Problem solved.

Person crunching up a bunch of chips in a bowl of ranch dressing As long as there's ranch, there is hope yet. Pizza may be the perfect dipping companion, but ranch on literally anything tastes nearly as good. It's pantry-raiding time.

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