Anyone who has ever gone to a Spin class knows how brutal a workout it can be. Once you’ve mastered the ways of indoor cycling, there’s nothing more satisfying than channeling your rage into a routine. But when you’re just starting out—or trying to get back into Spin after a prolonged hiatus—it can be more than a little challenging. And terrifying. And exhilarating. And awful.

It’s all this and so much more.

1. Turning up to spin class like...


2. The instructor suggests beginners take it easy.

I, sir, am in extremely good shape.

3. Why does it feel as though everyone else knows the routine already?

Did I miss the memo?

4. Yeah, leaving bed was definitely a mistake.

I make bad choices.

5. Two minutes in and the sweat starts to pour.

From every orifice.

6. Confidence wavers.

What have I done?

7. Not the most comfortable thing I’ve ever ridden.

Couldn’t they have made the seat softer?

8. I easily feel like the least sexy person in the room.

When did I become so uncoordinated?

9. The instructor says, "We’re halfway through!"

Only. half. way?!?!?!?!??!?!

10. Survival is the only option.

Just try not to die, yeah?

11. Need. water.

Why didn’t I bring more water?!

12. The seat does not get any better.

My crotch, right now.

13. And the towel is soaked through.

So. much. sweat.

14. When the instructor makes you increase the resistance again.

You are now my enemy.

15. Everyone here is awful.


16. The struggle is real.

My needs might seem simple, but this class feels like it will never end.

17. When there’s just one more song left.

Ahhhhhhh. Make it stop!

18. Getting off the bike with legs like Jell-O.

Oh dear.

19. Doing the final stretches like...


20. And post-exercise plans are in motion.

I have achieved greatness!

21. This turned out to be a positive experience.

I never doubted myself for a second. Same time next week?

Amy Mackelden is a weekend editor at ELLE, Harper’s BAZAAR, and Marie Claire. She’s written for Cosmopolitan, Bustle, Ravishly, The Independent, The Guardian, Hello Giggles, and Teen Vogue. She’s currently developing a show called MS Is My Boyfriend, about what multiple sclerosis is really like. Follow her on Twitter .
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