No matter how confident you are, putting on a bikini is hard (especially if you've never worn one before!). That's why we can't get enough of . The Australian blogger totally freaked out—in the best way possible—about rocking a two-piece for the first time: "OMG, I just bought a bikini. What the heck?!" Check out her photo and amusing inner monologue below:

bikini selfie Photo: Facebook/ Krystal Gordon

OMG, I just bought a bikini!!! What the heck? LOL. I also just took and shared a front-on photo of me without my clothes on—double what the heck!? Loving thyself baby. Embracing it all. Being proud of my progress. Accepting me for who I am right now even if it isn't where I want to be.

Now don't get me wrong, sharing this isn't easy by any means—every bit of me is going 'Holy sh*t Krystal, what are you doing?!' But if I can happily accept and celebrate everyone else's body, I sure as hell deserve the same love from myself ;) I have a goal to wear this swimsuit in public this summer too. I WILL get there. It WILL happen. You don't need a certain type of body to have a bikini body—you just need to put a bikini on!
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