Come January, you'll probably decide it's time to hit the gym—along with pretty much everyone ever. But there are few things less motivating than a coffee-stained white undershirt and your old college hoodie. That's why we rounded up 13 new pieces of gear that are functional (think sleek fabrics that won't chafe) and comfortable to help you step up your 2017 gym game.

Men's Workout Gear Asics Mesh Short Sleeve

This looks like your average tee, which is kind of what makes it so cool. In the gym, the lightweight mesh fabric keeps you cool and dry. On a run, the small stash pocket on the right hip holds your essentials like a credit card and ID.
Available at , $40.

Men's Workout Gear Gymshark Pants

These comfortable track pants have a surprisingly soft interior, which almost takes the pain away from a killer leg day—almost.
Available at , $40.

Olivers Hathaway Duffel

All this great new gear? You're going to need a place to stash it. This duffel looks professional enough to tote to and from the office—and is the perfect size for a weekend getaway. Made of water repellent canvas, it's tough enough to hold up to everyday (and every weekend) use.
Available at , $98.

Men's Workout Gear Old Navy Tights

Slim-fit tights are a go-to for running or squatting. These have flatlock seams to prevent irritation while you move. Feeling shy? Just throw a pair of loose shorts on top.
Available at , $33.

Men's Workout Gear C9 Champion Vest

This time of year, layering is key. Even indoors this lightweight vest offers a little extra warmth without limiting the range of motion in your shoulders or arms.
Available at , $39.99.

Men's Workout Gear: Saxx Run Shorts

Before you scroll by because of the price, hear us out. SAXX (an underwear brand) created running shorts because it found out male athletes were cutting out the liners of shorts and replacing them with its patented . These shorts feature an integrated micromesh panel that keeps everthing in its place to prevent chafing. Our testers raved that they never wanted to wear any other shorts again.
Available at , $74.95.

Men's Workout Gear Lululemon Tank

More subtle than a muscle tank but less coverage than a tee, this modern-cut tank is the perfect in-between for everything from chaturanga to CrossFit.
Available January at , $68.

Men's Workout Gear Nike shoes

Support and stability are must-haves when logging miles on the treadmill or performing dynamic drills for agility. Slip on these Nike Air Zoom Structure shoes for an ultra-comfortable ride.
Available at , $99.97.

Men's Workout Gear Rhone 1/4 Zip

This quarter zip-up is a dual-purpose pullover: It's lightweight and breathable but still keeps you warm thanks to Polartec fabric. A splurge? Kind of, but you'll wear it year round. Our tester confirms it's crazy durable; it even survived a (minor) bike crash without a trace!
Available at , $98.

Men's Workout Gear Reebok Shoes

WOD your way back into shape with these bad boys. The shoes feature all-direction stability for quick transitions, a shank for tough rope climbs, and a cushy midsole for shock absorption during box jumps.
Available at , $99.99.

Men's Workout Gear Fila Sport

It's essential to have a solid long-sleeve crew in your workout drawer, but honestly, there's no need to break the bank on one. This one is affordable, and its sweat-wicking material will do the job just fine.
Available at , $17.99.

Men's Workout Gear Nike Socks

How innovative can a sock be really? Well, these have three different cushioned areas to reduce impact from plyos or the treadmill—clutch if you've ever suffered brutal blisters before.
Available at , $16.

Men's Workout Gear Under Armour Hoodie

Everybody has that one hoodie they rely on for going to and from the gym, for running errands, and—let's be honest—for lounging around on the couch. Whether you're working up a sweat busting out reps or simply burning through episodes on Netflix, you'll appreciate the mesh back panels for extra ventilation.
Available , $59.99.

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