Who hasn't dreamed of hiring a personal trainer? They provide custom workout plans, nutritional guidance, expert advice, and the accountability most of us need to get and stay on track when it comes to health and fitness. But all of that expertise and support usually comes with a steep price.

Until now.

Your favorite and most trusted health and fitness resource (ahem!), a super popular social fitness site (like ), and a seasoned fitness expert/badass trainer have teamed up to bring you , 12 weeks of exercise and nutrition programming designed just for you, all for just $40 per month.

Designed by Glamourgirlz pal and fitness innovator , Simply Fit is designed to help you make a habit out of healthy living—no matter how busy you are or how long it's been since your last workout. Unlike some programs that provide a bunch of workouts and generic nutrition advice and send you on your way, Simply Fit is customized just for you and provides tools and resources you can use to make smart eating and exercise choices long after the program ends.

What to Expect

  • 4 workout routines delivered to you every month (for 3 months)
  • 3 resistance and one conditioning circuit per month
  • Full workout tutorials , including videos from Kellie
  • Warm-up and recovery tutorials
  • Routines delivered to your smartphone or computer via Fitocracy (Don't have an account? You can for free!)
  • Online social forum where you track your progress, ask questions, and meet other members
  • Nutrition guidelines and caloric intake
  • Accountability, encouragement, and guidance

At the end of every four weeks, new workouts will appear in your Fitocracy profile. All of this will be explained to you in detail, so don't worry too much about it now. What matters most is that you sign up so you don't miss out on this great opportunity. Then hit the ground running with the tools, resources, guidance, and support you need to make this whole health and fitness a fun, sustainable part of your life!

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