Matt Miller

Matt Miller

With over 6 years in the fitness industry, Matt's dynamic approach, infinite energy, and humorous wit only add to the successes enjoyed by his clients. Having graduated from the University of North Carolina in 2002 with a degree in Exercise and Sports Science, Matt understands how to transform the human body through diet and exercise to help maximize one's quality of life. Matt is widely recognized for his hybrid approach to fitness that incorporates functional training, strength training, Olympic style lifting, kettle bells, and even some Pilates and yoga.Matt grew up surrounded and submersed in athletics. Now a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) certified by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA), Matt is an expert at providing sports-specific training to professional and amateur athletes of all sports. Matt began as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the UNC Men's Volleyball team and in 2005; he was selected out of over 30 applicants to complete a prestigious strength and conditioning internship with the UNC Men's Basketball team. The team went on to win the National Championship.For the past 6 years Matt has helped celebrity entertainers, professional models, athletes, children, and many other health conscious individuals achieve their fitness goals. Matt has devoted his time to several local Miami charities in an effort to spread the benefits of health and fitness throughout his community. Through his passion and love for fitness, Matt has been able to touch and, in some cases, save peoples lives.My most troublesome weakness is... Being overworked and not finding time for my own workouts in my busy day. After training 12-13 clients a day in the gym, it's hard to find time for myself.I'm looking forward to learning more about... I am still trying to find a balance between hard work, smart work, and personal time.

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