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The Best Gym Machines to Target Your Butt

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 How Often Do You Really Need to Change Your Workout to Keep From Plateauing?
7 Reasons You *Need* to Be Doing Deadlifts

7 Reasons You *Need* to Be Doing Deadlifts

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A 15-Minute Bodyweight Workout for Crazy Core Strength

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13 Bottoms-Up Kettlebell Exercises That Build Shoulder Strength and Stability

13 Kettlebell Exercises for a Serious Shoulder Workout

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How (and Why) Emma Stone Put on 15 Pounds of Muscle

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7 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Lifting Weights

7 Thoughts Every Woman Has While Lifting Weights

Hands up if you’ve been mansplained at the gym.
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Lifting Heavy Doesn't Have to Be Intimidating. Here Are 6 Basic Olympic Lifts to Get You Started

6 Basic Olympic Lifts for Anyone Intimidated by Lifting Heavy

You don't need to be a meathead to hit the weight rack.
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How to Do the Perfect Push-Up

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13 Ways to Make Lifting Weights More Effective

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Should You Lift Weights to Lose Weight?

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6 Convincing Reasons to Start Working Out Immediately

Or how to stop seeing exercise as a chore.
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The Dark Side of Strength Training People Won't Talk About

One woman shares how the rigid meal and workout plans made it easy to hide her eating disorder.
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Do Free Weights at the Gym Make You Nervous? Read This

Do Free Weights at the Gym Make You Nervous? Read This

No one is staring at you. And if they are, here's what you should do.
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Women's Health Next Fitness Star

5 Quick and Easy Workouts You Can Do Anywhere

Women's Health's Next Fitness Star finalists share their awesome moves with us.
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The Best Strength Moves You Can Do With a Foam Roller

Think your foam roller is only good for warm-ups or recovery? Think again.
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The Ultimate Newbie Guide to Navigating the Gym Floor

Don't let it intimidate you—follow these tips to hit the floor with confidence.
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The Beginner's Guide to Strength Training

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