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Sexual Harassment Illustration

The Moment I Realized I Shouldn’t Have to Hide My Body to Protect Myself

After too many years of silence, I'm speaking up.
How Being a Photographer Helped Me Accept My Body, Flaws and All

How Being a Photographer Helped Me Accept My Body, Flaws and All

"Here's what I've learned from being behind the camera."
Non-Monogamy Feature

13 Ways Non-Monogamy Has Made Me a Better Partner (and Person)

There's so much more to it than sleeping with other people.
Sober Dating

What Dating a Sober Guy Taught Me About Myself

Alcohol didn't just dull my senses; it numbed any good sense I had.
Retail Anxiety Feature

The Unexpected Way My Job Helped Manage My Anxiety

This is a whole new take on "retail therapy."
Interracial Relationship Feature

Being in an Interracial Relationship Completely Changed the Way I Date

"I learned I need more than a man who's just 'OK' with my blackness."
Alexis Dent Before and After

I Looked Healthier Than Ever, but Inside, I Was Fighting to Feel Normal

"For months, I couldn’t escape the feeling of dread that followed me everywhere."
Anxious Woman
Obesity Shadow Illustration
Italy Body Image Illo
Couple in Cafe

The Relationship Red Flag You're Not Paying Attention to (but Should)

Take it from someone who learned this important lesson far too late.
Jane Redford Feature

Open-Heart Surgery Totally Changed My Body—and How I Feel About It

The experience changed my life, but I never imagined it would also change how I feel in a swimsuit.
Yoga Mat with Feet Indentations

What It's Like Being the Fat Girl in Yoga Class

If one more stranger high-fives me after class, I just might lose my sh*t.
lonely girls lingerie

More Lingerie Ads Show Women of All Shapes and Sizes, But Where Are the Black Bodies Like Mine?

One writer sought answers as to why her brand of beauty wasn't represented.
Lindsay Tigar - Feature Image

Why Quitting Running Was the Best Thing for My Health

I started running for my well-being, but when I stopped, I got into the best shape of my life.
Hands Clasped

Consenting In Hindsight: Why I Continued to Sleep With My Rapist

Consenting after the fact won’t erase that time you didn’t get a chance to say yes.
Anxiety Attack Image

This Is What a Panic Attack Really Feels Like

And what you should do if you're having one—or if someone you know has one.
Taking Medication for Depression Doesn't Mean I'm Weak
Katie Sullivan Feature

I Was Hit by a Cab and Told I May Never Walk Again. Now I'm a Triathlete

"Once you’ve been in the position of can’t, you’re grateful for every day that you can."
Woman Cooking in Kitchen

How to Kick the All-or-Nothing Approach to Fitness and Nutrition

Take it from me: There is joy in simply letting good enough be good enough.
Lilly O'Donnell

Why I Started Eating Meat After 21 Years as a Vegetarian

It was a challenge both physically and emotionally, but here's how (and why) I made the transition.
Overshare Call Feature

How to Pitch Personal Stories to Glamourgirlz

Real stories + expert advice you actually want to read.
Lauren Hasha

How Social Media and Sexting Friends Helped Me Finally Love My Body

My journey to self-acceptance didn't happen overnight, but these steps helped me get there.
Tara and Dom (Photo: Lauren Belknap)

Stress Almost Ruined Everything I'd Worked For—but It Also Taught Me How to Take Control

I was becoming my own worst nightmare—until one tough conversation snapped me back to my senses.
Women Looking at NYC Skyline

Here's the Truth About Successful Relationships (That No One Ever Talks About)

Sometimes the first step is simply admitting that things aren't working.