Woman doing yoga
How Weight Lifting Worked When Antidepressants Didn't
A photo of personal trainer Erin Oprea by Zach Harrison photography
16 GIFs That Sum Up Exactly What a Panic Attack Feels Like

16 GIFs That Sum Up Exactly What a Panic Attack Feels Like

I think my heart is in my stomach, and my stomach is in my butt.
High-Fat Diets on Instagram
Three people on a couch. Romance is potentially implied!

How to Have a Threesome Without Hurting Anyone's Feelings

Threesomes: fun or more complicated than negotiating an international peace treaty? We say both.
A pink sports bras next to black and pink shoes on a wood floor
A beautiful woman smiling and looking at her phone in a library

The Way You're Thinking About Goals May Be Holding You Back

Don’t be subject to the tyranny of "how things have always been done."
A photo of the author, looking awesome in a swimsuit.

10 GIFs That Explain What It's Like to Wear a Swimsuit in Public

There’s a huge difference between how you see yourself and how others see you.
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Exercise Can Help Where You Least Expect—Including With a Speech Impediment

It isn't the cure to all of life's problems, but it's close.
Guy sleeping.

Having Sex When You're Tired AF, in 24 GIFs

When the spirit is willing... but the flesh is dead to the world.
The Crazy-Interesting Stuff No One Tells You About Weed

How Weed Helped Me Get in the Best Shape of My Life

Not all stoners are couch potatoes.
A mom teaching her kid to wash her hands
I Help People Build Confidence for a Living—Here's What I Know for Sure About My Own
swimming for adults

I Used to Hate Working Out, but Here’s What Made Me Fall in Love With Exercise

"At first I was afraid, but then I just decided I was a mermaid, and I could do this."
I Used a Fitness Tracker for 30 Days

6 Stark Truths I Learned From Tracking Absolutely Everything for 30 Days

It may not become a lifelong habit, but it taught me some major life lessons.
Here's How to Have the Most Epic Summer Ever on a Budget
The Only 3 Things You Need to Live a Good Life

The Only 3 Things You Need to Live a Good Life

Self-help advice that surprised even our own self-help expert.
5 Surprising Ways to Give Your Relationship Staying Power

5 Habits That Will Strengthen Your Relationship

Here's how to be in it to win it together.
9 Habits of Iresstible People

Become an Irresistible Person by Doing These 9 Things

A nice-guy guide to making friends and influencing people.
The 3 Times You Should Always Be Honest

The 3 Times You Should Always Be Honest

Here's when little white lies and flattery just won't cut it.
Girl Smiling and Laughing

The One Word That Can Instantly Change Your Mood

You can even set reminders so it pops up on your phone.
The Easy Way to Get Focused in Less Than 2 Minutes

The Easy Way to Get Focused in Less Than 2 Minutes

Get rid of the guilt, anxiety, and worry that often accompany racing thoughts.
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How Anxiety and Depression Are Like the Worst Roommates Ever

You know, the kind who only emerge from their rooms to ask if you’ve put on weight recently.
Stressed Out Guy

The 6 Best Things About Making a Mistake

Quit beating yourself up—there's definitely a bright side you're not seeing.