Woman doing yoga

The Danger in Following Fitness Gurus on Social Media

When #fitspiration becomes #fitdiscouragement
The author, Charlie, looking perplexed at his Tinder app.

I Let My Friend Control My Tinder—Here's What I Learned

Left, left, left... right... left... sigh.
I Use a Cane, but That Doesn’t Mean It’s Inspirational to Date Me
Sara, the author, looking very glam and posing with a cookbook - Photo courtesy of Iconic Pinups
The author, Rosemary, and her dogs on a pretty autumn street

How Dogs Can Ease Your Depression and Anxiety

My dogs bring me a renewed sense of purpose, a healthy routine, and a cold nose next to mine.
A portrait of the author, Lisa Marie Basile

A Few Tricks for Kicking Insomnia (Without Medication)

Getting my sleep back was, frankly, a magical experience.
Why A 92-Year-Old Calling Me Fat Made Me Change My Life

Why a 92-Year-Old Calling Me Fat Made Me Change My Life

Sometimes your #fitspo is your Grandma, OK?
A woman wearing a yellow sweater, handling paperwork

5 Ways to Finally Get Your Ass in Gear (and Quit Stalling)

Live a more productive life on your terms.
A mother and her toddler

Facebook Can't Replace Family and Friends… Except When It Does

Hate on Facebook if you want, but it's one of the best resources for new moms out there.
Growing Up Black in America

Growing Up Black in America, Where Pretty Doesn't Look Like You

I am tired of hearing the words "you’re pretty… for a black girl."
How Burlesque Taught Me to Love My Body (After Ballet Made Me Hate It)

How Burlesque Taught Me to Love My Body (After Ballet Made Me Hate It)

This is it, I thought. I have no tits and no sex appeal. Everyone is going to laugh.
Guy laying on his back, checking his cell phone

Why Ghosting on Someone Is a Totally Acceptable Move

We aren’t beholden to the people we meet once over whiskey sours, thankfully.
A woman's hand, nails painted red, holding a black rope
Screwing Up Resolutions
I Stopped Drinking and Started Running, but I Was More Miserable Than Ever

I Replaced Drinking With Running, but the Results Weren’t What You’d Think

A great 5K time doesn't make you happy the way that having a well-rounded life does.
Why I Deleted MyFitnessPal, Even Though It Worked

Why You Might Want to Delete Your Fitness App, Even If It Works

Quit relationships that aren't good for you... even if they're with your app.
Woman looking sad at the airport
A mirror selfie of the author in her yoga class

The Real Reason Someone Is Staring at You at the Gym

When I'm watching other people work out, I don’t feel either jealousy or victory… just awe.
I Love My Toddler, but I Sure Don't Like Him (and That's OK)

I Love My Toddler, but I Sure Don't Like Him (and That's OK)

Let's be real: Sometimes your kid is a jerk.
The author, Alexis Dent, and her dog Giant

My Emotional Support Animal Isn't the World's Cutest Scam—He's an Important Part of My Life

"Before Giant came into my life, there were mornings I couldn’t get out of bed."
Ooey-gooey cinnamon buns
Two women lying on the grass, looking at each other and smiling

Dating Other Women Improved My Body Image… Here's Why

Why should I hold my body to a beauty standard that I don't hold my partner to?
The author, Masha, jumping off Kilimanjaro, seemingly floating mid-air

I Took "Walk It Off" Literally, and 5,000 Miles Later, I Feel Better

"I can’t tell you how much better it is to move through life in a pair of shoes that fit."
The author, showing off her nails (which are totally on fleek)
The author, Lisa Marie Basile, smiling on a sidewalk by a pink wall